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Performance Marketing Strategy & Execution

About The Poppyfield Agency

An Agency With Transparency

The Poppyfield Agency offers premium digital marketing, web design, web/app development, content creation, consulting and more.

Our years of experience, coupled with our transparent policies make partnering with us an enjoyable, honest and high yielding experience.

Our clients find that we provide very impactful insights that look past initial KPI's and focus on the overall ROI for projects as a whole. Our holistic approach to data driven optimization and marketing, as well as our proven results, truly sets us apart.

Proven Experience
We have immense reputation and experience across multiple advertising platforms, and pride ourselves on our ability to leverage large data sets into meaningful and impactful targeting. Leveraging all ecosystems properly is crucial to strong ROI, especially in competitive or high cost-per-acquisition markets.
Outstanding Customer Support
We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate details, from simple to very technical, in an easy to understand way for all key stakeholders involved; our response times are "same-day" while in any active contract.
Premium Content & Quick Turn Arounds
Our ad-design, copywriting and web development/design services are top-notch. Turn around times and painless revisions make our marketing partnerships that much easier– and more profitable.

Here are some stand-out stats we've been hitting

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Request For Proposal

Performance Marketing Strategy & Execution

Our primary focus when building strategies for companies is making sure we give a thorough enough deliverable, that you have a road map to utilize within your own team and bandwidth, if desired. Or simply put: we don't waste your time and money, while trying to leech onto you with a contract.

The majority of our larger projects are under NDA, but our aim is to give you a clear road map of what to expect from our team if hired.

Please note:
We found some issues from a brief dive into your social and website that you should consider, regardless of moving forward with us.
Mobile loading times were a bit slower than expected. Your primary conversions may come from desktop, given the type of product and targeted niche- however, it is crucial to increase site speeds on each platform for best results in ad-spend.
2) The website and product pages are great for those proficient in your niche and solve problems for savvy customers, however we'd like to see examples of your top of funnel methods and data to see if low hanging fruit is available to work with- even if this is the 20% market mentioned.
3) LinkedIn posts and engagements could be stronger, and will need to be for effective lead-gen via programmatic advertising.

Performance Marketing Strategy Confirmed Deliverables ("Nice To Have's" Will Be Included)
Develop a robust acquisition strategy that sets the foundation for both immediate and long-term efforts across various channels.
Identify highest-opportunities across Paid Social, Paid Search, Programmatic, Display + Amazon, including other platforms recommended.
Provide best practices + strategy around the desired marketing channels
Advise on CRO opportunities and website optimization
Projection of spend and activities vs. results (custom dash option can be included if desired)
Comprehensive SEO strategy (on-page, off-page, technical SEO) based on audit of current performance in search
Recommended keyword list and search volumes

Our Approach

Getting Comfortable With Your Team & Needs

The first phase of any successful project is to make sure everyone involved is fully aware of what needs to get done. We ask that our clients slate 4-6 hours of time to set-up the appropriate meetings, from meet & greets to deep technical dives.

Analysis Fuels Decision Making

Confirming and properly understanding your internal metrics is crucial to forming appropriate conclusions and strategies. This phase also entails a deep-dive into your top competitors; their strategies, strengths and weaknesses.

Real Deliverables That You Can Trust

At this point, our agency has become intimately aware of your company's needs, offerings and pain points- as well as your competitors. A detailed and thorough strategy will be delivered, with a request for a 1-3 hour meeting scope to review and discuss.

We want your team to feel completely equipped and excited about these findings and strategies- not confused or lost.
Retainer Pricing
Our retained services operate off of a "base + scope" model to keep both parties mutually successful. In the case of you current requests pricing can very greatly depending on your needs for customized dashboards, number of campaigns, etc.