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The Different Ways in Which Drip Gives You an Edge in Email Marketing

Given the immense popularity of social media and PPC, there may be businesses out there that are relying solely on those platforms to get their message across. To be clear, marketing with the aid of social media and ad spend is not a bad move, but banking only on it could be. That’s true mainly because you’re missing out on other, still viable marketing channels that can be very cost effective.

For instance, did you know that email marketing remains highly effective? This article from SaleCycle highlights stats indicating just how beneficial an email campaign marketing can still be.

Per the article, the average open rate for a marketing-focused email is 22.86 percent. That statistic is actually trending up as it stood at 17.2 percent for 2015 and 20.8 percent in 2018.

About 3.71 percent of the people who open that email will also provide a click-through. It’s also worth pointing out that the unsubscribe rates on those marketing emails sits at a paltry 0.21 percent.

So, what are all these stats trying to say? For one, they’re telling you that email marketing continues to be viable even in the age of social media. More importantly, the stats are letting you know that you should up your email marketing game.

Enlisting the help of Drip should be greatly beneficial to you in that regard, especially if you leverage our partnership with them!

What Is the Drip Platform All About?

If you’re a small business owner looking to carve out your own niche in an industry dominated by larger players, setting up an ecommerce site is not a bad idea. The great thing about ecommerce sites is that they offer you plenty of freedom. You can opt to sell products of your own or act as a kind of intermediary by allowing shoppers to gain access to items they otherwise wouldn’t be able to buy.

Of course, if all it took to become a successful owner of an ecommerce site is to have fantastic inventory, then a lot of businesses would already be making serious bank. The reality is that good products alone won’t convince consumers to buy from you.

You have to cater to their needs in order to show them that partnering up with your business will be a move that turns out well for them and that is where Drip comes in.

Drip focuses on significantly improving the experience of interacting with an online store. Several aspects of the store are enhanced to ensure that they are as accommodating as they can possibly be.

The suite of tools you’re getting from Drip are designed to make the experience of browsing your online store way better than anything customers may receive from other outlets.

What Are the Standout Features of the Drip Platform?

Tells You Everything You Need to Know about Your Customers

Let’s start by shining a light on the ways in which Drip leverages customer data to your advantage. First off, the platform has a feature known as Tracking Events that is useful for keeping tabs on what customers are doing as they are perusing your digital store.

You’ll see what products they tend to look at, where they go browsing most often, as well as what products they buy. The tracking will essentially let you know which products tend to catch
the eye of a certain visitor and you can take action from there.

Custom fields provided by the platform enable you to send out better and more personalized emails that should resonate more with your prospects. Tags work by letting you know how
specific brands or categories are registering with your customer base.

With all of that information at your disposal, you can also update your website by implementing changes that will put the needs and desires of your customers front and center.

Makes Personalized Shopping Experiences Available to All Your Customers

Shoppers who are not very well-versed in navigating the online world may shy away from buying anything from your store simply because they fear they may not be able to find the items they want. It’s an understandable concern, but one you can properly address with the help of Drip.

We already hinted at it earlier, but the aforementioned platform’s custom fields and tags can help you create more personalized shopping experiences for your customers. Those are not the only personalization features you need to know about though.

Personalized product notifications and recommendations will also let shoppers know if something they’re interested in is available for a more affordable price while unique discount codes will give them additional incentive to spend.

Even new customers can expect to be welcomed warmly thanks to the platform’s built-in features.

Improves the Way You Engage Your Customers

While Drip already does a lot to entice customers to visit your online store, the platform still manages to improve engagement with its wide array of features.

It gives you access to an email builder that can help you craft custom emails that speak to the preferences of your shoppers. Automated messaging features also allow you to capitalize on the best times to reach out to your target customers.

If your customers respond well to your email marketing efforts, feel free to integrate other advertising channels into your campaign. You don’t have to go elsewhere for those tools as Drip will also help grow your business on social media and other channels.

Gives You the Data You Need to Grow Your Business

Now that your marketing campaigns have been launched and your store is operational, it’s time to take stock of how your small business is doing. Drip will help with that too.

Make use of the platform’s ECRM tool to gain a firm grasp on the performance of your different marketing campaigns and products. The user-friendly dashboard will contain all the relevant stats along with information regarding how profitable your store has been.

Business owners looking to try out something new can also use Drip’s testing tools to see how new campaigns may perform. Those testing tools can help business owners cut down on their spending, thus allowing them to better allocate their resources.

Just about anyone can create and run their own online store, but only a select few will be able to turn a nice profit from it. You can increase the odds of your first foray into online selling becoming successful by using Drip.

The Poppyfield Agency is an official Drip partner, but this isn't a sponsored post- we'd recommend them regardless. We've gone through plenty of email campaigns on other platforms and Drip has the most all-inclusive, cohesive and seamless experience available. Its tools, metrics and support are next to none. Contact us today if you'd like to leverage our services with drip.

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