Full Web Presence Audit Service Saves Thousands

The Poppyfield Agency’s first priority is to always empower the businesses we partner with- no matter their size or budget.

Are you the bootstrapping, do it yourself-er type? If so, you’ll fit right in here. There is no exaggeration in the following statement:

Every business and organization needs to know exactly where they stand in the fiercely saturated digital arena.

But what if you can’t afford to bring on the full cost of hiring for month-month web development, SEO, CRO, Digital Ad Spend, Content Creation or Social Media Management? The Poppyfield Agency still has a solution for you.

*cue drum roll please*

We now proudly offer our Full Web Presence Audit Package as a way for entrepreneurial minded individuals to have a detailed punch list of tangible goals and methods to increase engagement with a higher number of valuable customers and increase leads. This “cheat sheet” if you will, is going to provide you with a real list of benchmarks to hit that will absolutely get you results— guaranteed.

We’ve done the digging, the learning and the trial and error—we know what we’re talking about and how to get your company where it needs to go.

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