Website Design & Development

Pretty websites are cool— but not if they don’t work. Here’s the deal: anyone can build a website these days! With so many templates, plug-ins and Youtube videos at our disposal— how do web designers still have a job? Well, it’s because the good ones know what it takes to make your website drive product purchases, fill out a lead form, or even be considered by Google to get a decent ranking for your pages.

Social Media Marketing

How does “Becky with the good hair” have more followers than you and your sweet hair?! She may use shady follow tricks. She could be a bit scantily-clad in her posts. Or, she could be really good at understanding key metrics, relevant hashtags and be wisely partnering with sweet “good hair” brands to help push her influence forward daily. Regardless, we can’t let Becky win. For Beyoncé’s sake, let’s work on this together.

Content Creation (Photo, Video, Graphics + More)

How can we make brands with a small niche reach look absolutely massive?
Content. Really, really, great content. Extraordinary content is a key factor in generating quality, high-value, and relevant brand traffic. Don’t take our word for it; take our content for it.

Digital Ad Management

Do you know exactly where your advertising budget is going, and exactly how it is performing? If your answer is even a little bit on the fuzzy side, you deserve better than that. Whether you advertise on Google, Bing (yes, Bing) or Reddit— we’ve got your back. Let’s get that ROAS going.

Email Marketing

If you were to ask us what the most cost effective marketing solution would be- our answer would 99% of the time be Email Marketing. It is truly our "desert island" marketing channel. Email Marketing provides amazing sources of data, engagement opportunities and best of all: sales. We can integrate seamlessly into all email platforms to direct all aspects of campaigns, all while providing you with crucial and readable data. The best part is that this data can be leveraged across multiple channels of marketing to get the most bang for your buck. Whether your business incorporates email marketing already or you are green with this channel- The Poppyfield Agency has the solutions you need to start marketing with Email lists effectively. View our service in detail below to start exploring your company's potential.

Analytics + Reporting (Full Web Presence Audit)

Let’s say you were having a party and wanted to really make sure everything went according to plan— how would you do that? You’d probably make a list of invites and request RSVP’s before buying any food, beverages or supplies. After the party, I’m sure you would send out thank you letters and “missed you” cards to everyone who RSVP’d. If you didn’t do this, you would be a terrible host and probably would lose a lot of friends and money.
Having a website without proper tracking and data processes in place is like inviting anyone and everyone to your big party and never collecting RSVP’s, or never asking how anyone is doing at the party and then just “hoping it went well”. Don’t be a bad host. Figure out what your website is really doing today.

Marketing and Strategy Consulting

Are you the go-getter, do it yourself-er type? Sweet! So are we. But wouldn’t it be nice to know where to start, or the map you should follow to reach your best possible web presence? We’ve spent real world time solving these problems for companies already, so you don’t drain valuable time and resources searching, building and testing plans for yourself.
We offer our insight, experience and strategies in an easy plug-and-play format, as a way for entrepreneurial minded individuals to have a detailed punch list of tangible goals and methods to get their company seen by more valuable customers or leads- without having to retain us for an extended period of time.

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