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Analytics + Reporting

Analytics and Reporting services for your full digital presence. Knowing the how/why behind your digital successes and failures is crucial to your growth and ROI. Let's talk about it.

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Data and Attribution

The Poppyfield Agency is always making sure that every single campaign or project we touch is able to be effectively measured. We track through various platforms and can integrate any channels your company leverages.

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Don't Break The Bank. Invest In Growth.

We at The Poppyfield Agency have seen this service benefit numerous clients. Our real world experience combined with advanced tracking methods will help bring your goals to life.

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Actionable List For Your Business To Leverage
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Save Time and Money

Analytics and Reporting from The Poppyfield Agency can save you thousands. Our auditing service reveals every aspect of your digital presence and provides you with an actionable check list to fix what is broken and invest more into what is working.

How Do You Know You're Right?

Believe it or not, many business operate on the premise of assumed data and attribution, but without concrete reporting it is impossible to know if what you are doing is really working or not.

Sustainability and Growth

Whether you want to grow your business for the long haul or you are looking to sell, having sustainable reporting methods in place is the only way that you can be taken seriously by investors or buyers.