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About The Poppyfield Agency

An Agency With Transparency

The Poppyfield Agency offers premium digital marketing, web design, web/app development, content creation, consulting and more.

Our years of experience, coupled with our transparent policies make partnering with us an enjoyable, honest and high yielding experience.

Experience In Your Field
We have immense experience in D2C E-Commerce Environments on multiple platforms. Our ROAS is usually 3-7x for Social Media Marketing alone. (Plus, we are a husband and wife owned agency with 3 little ones at home- we know your target market well!)
Outstanding Customer Support
We pride ourselves on our ability to communicate details, from simple to very technical, in an easy to understand way for all key stakeholders involved; our response times are "same-day" while in any active contract.
Premium Content & Quick Turn Arounds
Our ad-design services are top-notch. Turn around times and painless revisions make advertising and branding that much easier– and more profitable.

Here are some stand-out stats we've been hitting

Client Retention Rate
Social Media ROAS
CTR (Paid Ads)
Unsubscribe Rates
Increases In AOV
Client Satisfaction
Request For Proposal

Detailed Digital Marketing Strategy

Our primary focus when building strategies for companies is making sure we give a thorough enough deliverable, that you have a road map to utilize within your own team and bandwidth, if desired. Or simply put: we don't waste your time and money, while trying to leech onto you with a contract.

The majority of our larger projects are under NDA, but our aim is to give you a clear road map of what to expect from our team if hired.

Paid + Organic Social Media Requests
Audit of current / past social media marketing efforts or directions
Paid advertising strategy across recommended social media channels
Best practices for content, e.g. sizing, cadence, content buckets/themes, across social
Creative + copy / tone recommendations
Varying content ideas across platforms
Projection of spend vs. results
Email Marketing + Paid Search
Recommendations on how to optimize leads via email marketing
Campaign ideas
Email creative + cadence recommendations
Drip vs Single Send campaign directions (along with advanced segmentation strategies)
Influencer Marketing
Recommendations of influencers to target (note, we have a list of content creators in the niche transportation space that we’d like to utilize)
Influencer campaign ideas / themes
Recommendations on whitelisting/other forms of distribution that may be relevant

Our Approach

Getting Comfortable With Your Team & Needs

The first phase of any successful project is to make sure everyone involved is fully aware of what needs to get done. We ask that our clients slate 4-6 hours of time to set-up the appropriate meetings, from meet & greets to deep technical dives.

Analysis Fuels Decision Making

Confirming and properly understanding your internal metrics is crucial to forming appropriate conclusions and strategies. This phase also entails a deep-dive into your top competitors; their strategies, strengths and weaknesses.

Real Deliverables That You Can Trust

At this point, our agency has become intimately aware of your company's needs, offerings and pain points- as well as your competitors. A detailed and thorough strategy will be delivered, with a request for a 1-3 hour meeting scope to review and discuss.

We want your team to feel completely equipped and excited about these findings and strategies- not confused or lost.
Relevant Testimonial
"Once we had built our initial web design, The Poppyfield Agency came in and did a thorough review and critique of our online presence. Not ONLY did they review our website and social media, they also gave us tons of additional resources and information on how we can optimize our digital marketing efforts (Google tools, 3rd party review sites, keywords, web page layout, particular ways to narrow SEO optimization, etc.) After implementing these changes we have seen organic leads, peaked interest, online shares, and increased website views. We would absolutely recommend hiring The Poppyfield Agency for all your digital marketing needs!"