Get Your Business A Beautiful Website,
for as low as $99/mo.

Fully managed, custom built, hands-free website service.

plans come with an assigned account manager, scheduled strategy meetings, aggressive SEO practices, modular add-ons for video sections, calendars, maps, etc.

for businesses who need to compete and don't have time to waste trying to use squarespace or wix.

Get Your Business A Beautiful Website,
for as low as $99/mo.

You read that right.
Join our website subscription service today to get started on a fully modernized, lead generating machine.

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Best For Businesses Doing $4,000+ Monthly Revenue

Access To All Free Templates

Customization To Your Company

Access To Essential Stock Library

Foundational SEO

Essential Analytics Set-Up

100 Form Submissions Per Month

25,000 Visitors Per Month

60 Day Strategy Session Calls

1-on-1 Design/Marketing Strategy & Launch Call, Plus 3 Month Edit Window

Access To Custom Reporting Dashboard (Essential View)

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*$49 Start Up Fee. All Templates Can Have Video & Other Features Added.


Best For Businesses Doing $10,000+ Monthly Revenue

Access To All Free Templates, Plus 50% discount On All Premium Templates

Access To Advanced Stock Library

Advanced SEO including Schema Data

Advanced Analytics Set-Up, Facebook Pixel Integration Option Available

Advanced Call-To-Action Section, Including Use Of Simple Animations/Effects

100,000 Visitors Per Month

1,000 Form Submissions Per Month

Access to CMS & API Add-Ons (Blog, Service Collections, Etc.)

3rd Party Extensions & Embeds

45 Day Strategy Session Calls

1-on-1 Design/Marketing Strategy & Launch Call, Plus 2 Month Edit Window

Access To Custom Reporting Dashboard (advanced view)

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*$79 Start Up Fee. All Templates Can Have Video & Other Features Added.


Best For Businesses Doing $15,000+ Monthly Revenue

All Templates Free, Plus Multi-Page Design Options Available

Access To Premium Stock Library featuring Video

Premium SEO, Schema Data, GMB Optimization

Premium Analytics Set-Up, Custom Conversions, Events & Granular Tracking. Includes Facebook Pixel and Custom Events.

Premium Call To-Action Sections, Includes Video Options, Interactive Animations, Etc.

500,000 Visitors Per Month

2,000 Form Submissions Per Month

File Upload Form Feature Available For Your Customers To Upload Photos/Documents

Premium Access to expanded CMS & API Add-Ons (Blog, Service Collections, Etc.)

3rd Party Extensions & Embeds, Plus IFrames

30 Day Strategy Session Calls

1-on-1 Design/Marketing Strategy & Launch Call, Plus 45 Day Edit Window

Access to custom reporting dashboard (Premium View)

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*$99 Start Up Fee. All Templates Can Have Video & Other Features Added.



Cloneable Content

Beautiful Templates

Detailed Guides

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Cloneable Content

Beautiful Templates

Detailed Guides

Expert Support

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* Billed as $420 yearly



Cloneable Content

Beautiful Templates

Detailed Guides

Expert Support

Communities & Groups

Inspiration & Jobs

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new templates added monthly & you can Switch With Ease.

The Paparoúna Template

Proven. Foundational. Simple, yet powerful. The Paparoúna template is our flagship offering for small businesses. Including a header section, an about section, a modern and responsive services gallery, two testimonial section styles, a dedicated call to action banner section and easy to use navigations.
Live PreviewSelect Template

The Vási Template

Crisp. Modern. Bold, yet refined. This template is the perfect solution for a minimalist approach, while still staying scalable. The beauty of this template is how well it takes on any images, fonts and styles- making it our most versatile slate to work from. Multiple modular sections and light-box styled CTA's make this template an easy choice.
Live PreviewSelect Template

Not seeing what you want yet? No problem. We are currently developing more templates, and plan on monthly releases.

Reach out to us today and we'll give you sneak peak at what's next.

"How does this work?" and other great questions

We don't want to leave you hanging. Here are some of the top questions regarding this program.

Do I own the website that you'll build for my business?

Great question! You will always own your domain. But the website is a subscription. In english, this means you'll always own your plot of land and address, but if you cancel your website subscription, we will just remove the home we built and the lot is still yours to do with as you wish!

Similar to our favorite music, movie and show subscriptions, you pay a monthly fee and can cancel anytime. Included in all of our plans however are things like: 1-on-1 consultation calls, free site security, bug updates and fixes, best practice development backed by real experience, access to a custom analytics dashboard & so much more!

*The cost of a full website build can seem pretty high for small businesses. This program is built for those who want to proof that a professional and modern website will grow their business, and purchase options are absolutely available once you see the proof is in the pudding.

This seems more expensive than building something myself on a DIY platform. Is this really worth it?

Absolutely, emphatically, 1000% yes– this is completely worth it for you and your business. Your website, or lack there of, is losing you at least one sale per month. Plus, there is a difference between professionals dedicated to your success, and building something with what little spare time you have.

The Poppyfield Agency has generated millions of dollars in revenue for our clients over the years, leveraging our talent for high performing web design, app development, digital advertising, content creation and more. In short, we know what works and what doesn't.

Plus, we all know how the DIY website projects go: High blood pressure frustration that ultimately results in you calling your nephew who will barely get the job done– and sloppily at that– after months of screened calls, and he really just took the gig for gas money.

In all seriousness, you absolutely get what you pay for. Plus you can cancel anytime. If our site isn't working for your business, you can move on without easily and without stress.

My business needs a logo as well. Can you help with that too?

Yes! The great news? Our small business logo package is only $349, but for our subscribers it is $199. Be sure to inquire about this during your consultation call.

So, can other people use my template?

Yes. But this is situation presents itself on every website DIY platform out there. The differences with what we offer are things like automatic updates, access to analytics you understand, 1-on-1 strategy calls, virtually zero website down-time, incredible customer service, new theme and template additions, exclusive marketing content & more.

Will my website have my own branding & logo? Will The Poppyfield Agency have branding on my site?

Your site will look like you had it professionally developed and will not have our branding on it at all. We want to provide the most value to you as possible. Your branding is our top priority.

Can I update my site? Is upgrading or downgrading possible?

Our updating policy is pretty firm. Because of our 1-on-1 call and included revision round, any future updates will be billed, unless your plan includes them. But needing updates to get updates is a good thing. It means your website is working and growing your business.

You may upgrade or downgrade your account at anytime. There is an upgrade or downgrade fee depending on plan of choice and content needs.

The website templates show a one-page style design. Is this standard?

One page designs for small websites is a pretty modern approach. Here's why we recommend a one-page style design for most small businesses:
Lack of quality content, reviews & documented history.

It is far better to have a strong landing page that completes your message, rather than having your potential leads visit a site with minimal content, empty feeling pages and extra loading time/clicks. With anchor linked navigations, global Call To Actions and a strong theme structure- you'll be looking modern and well put together overnight.

However, our Advanced and Premium levels come with Multi-Page options included if interested!

How can I be sure that my website is really driving traffic and leads?

This is the best question yet. We make sure to include at tracking and analytics for all of our website subscription levels. Plus, you'll get access to our dashboard that lets you easily digest all of the most critical data, so you don't have to try and learn Google Analytics yourself.

Analytics and tracking should be the absolute foundation for your decision making. That is why added this feature to every plan as a "must have". Plus, we love proving that what we do really works!

Is it really that easy to cancel?

Definitely. No one likes being stuck in vague contracts. Give us 7 days notice and you won't be billed for your next month. If you signed-up for an annual agreement to get our discount, there is a cancelation fee.

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