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What was our scope of work for this website project?

Finatic is a brand that desired to be built by fishermen, for fishermen. They had a solid and unique product offering in the works, a team of savvy experts and the desire to be one of the first direct-to-consumer premium fishing brands on the market. Where we came in was on the digital/execution side. Through partnering with The Poppyfield Agency, Finatic was able to see some amazing growth and KPI’s, such as:

  • Doubling e-commerce sales conversion rate month to month for 5+ months, while steadily growing traffic from 10-15% per month simultaneously
  • Massive exposure/disruption in a well established industry
  • Completely unique content delivery, unlike what that niche has seen in the past, with a very positive response rate

A web re-platform, some rebranding, a firm digital strategy and a TON of content/voicing.

Step 1: Rebranding

The first portion that we tackled with Finatic was their logo, font and color scheme. Most companies pick this quickly in the beginning of their launch, without thinking of the full weight of exposure that the logo will have for their company. We got to partner with the head of creative at Spy Optics for a logo/font revamp and also urged the key stakeholders to switch to a more monochromatic color scheme. This rebranding wasn’t based on feelings or a desire to be modern or flashy. This rebranding was put in place to help provide a more flexible brand image for future products, packaging, marketing initiatives, apparel, a wider demographic appeal and more. Rebranding is never something that companies should take lightly, but if it is needed, it should be fully planned out and executed with perfection.

Step 2: Web . Re-Platform

The second thing we noticed about Finatic was that it was built on a Wordpress template that was just not meant to be used for E-commerce (at least at the level they needed). You see, some website builds will give you what you need right then, but are hardly scalable without investing in a whole new website build down the road. This hurts your first website’s ROI and is a huge waste of time and money! We were able to educate the key decision makers of Finatic about their needs in the future, to help govern their decisions in the present, and they agreed to re-platform to Shopify- a highly robust, user friendly, e-commerce juggernaut.
Shameless plug: The Poppyfield Agency are proud Shopify Partners and build most of our e-commerce sites on Shopify.

Step 3: Content and Voicing

Content and voicing are super important to any company, but especially E-commerce brands— and even more so to start-ups like Finatic! We aided in building the Youtube and other media channels from the ground up, and played a very heavy role in the photography, videography, editing, sound design and everything else that goes into making a brand’s content stand out. Picking different voices based on our competitors’ offerings and what the demographics were becoming interested in was a crucial point in us deciding to pick 2-3 voice templates to use at any given time. A corporate voice, a more casual voice and a very friendly (almost excited) voice— all playing their specific purpose and having homes in different platforms/contexts. Beyond this, fishing (like many industries) is comprised of micro-niches that each have their own jargon and preferred voice. Staying flexible and educating the Finatic team on the do’s and don’ts of communication was crucial to their success in marketing— and it paid off well.

Step 4: Strategy

Strategy is everything in the digital world. Too many times we see instances of companies cutting first, then measuring, then panicking (or pretending it was all planned and all good). Developing strategies and educating the key stakeholders of Finatic about the importance of creating a firm digital road map helped pave the way of continued growth and success for this company. We partnered with their employees internally to build workflows for different marketing initiatives from seasonal pushes to very segmented and granular customer targeting. The E-commerce niche is a very saturated one, and even in an industry like fishing—that hasn’t fully caught on to modern practices yet— it was crucial that they learned how to get ahead of their competitors early on, by converting new customers and increasing their customer value and overall lifecycle.

Examples of Digital Applications and Integrations Used:

  • Stitchlabs (inventory tracking, ordering, product management- hub of operations)
  • Quickbooks Online (financials, synced with Stitchlabs)
  • Shipstation (shipping and tracking, synced with Stitchlabs and Quickbooks Online)
  • Shopify (e-commerce storefront)
  • Mailchimp (email marketing, audience building, etc.)
  • Digital Advertising Platforms (Google Ads, Social Networks, Adroll, Reddit, etc.)
  • Google Analytics/Hot Jar (customer data, tracking, web optimization, etc.)

From website design, to system integrations, retail packaging design and content creation— we helped Finatic every step of the way. We can help you too!

Finatic Tackle

Finatic—a boutique, Ecommerce disrupter— built from the ground up. The Poppyfield Agency took from being just an idea, to gaining consistent sales on an operationally scalable foundation.

Finatic Tackle
Release Date:
April 2018

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