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What was our scope of work for this website project?

Goodlion is a non-profit, multi-media conglomerate, focussed on bringing podcasts, articles, interviews and more to a massive global Christian audience. The proper execution of Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization and Analytics is crucial to their success. Here’s what we did:

  • Assisted the Goodlion team in finding a more robust host for their Wordpress site
  • Educated the Goodlion team about best practices for SEO (Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, Image Compression, cutting down on plug-ins, etc.)
  • Helped Goodlion tackle CRO through creating clear CTA options
  • Implemented Google Analytics and Hotjar for data and tracking

Step 1: A New Wordpress Host

Finding a proper host for Goodlion was a really big deal in ensuring their success. With the amount of web traffic their site would be receiving after launch, plus the amount of content they held, things could have gone very badly, very quickly. Luckily, we were able to educate the Goodlion team about finding a better solution through our preferred partner: Fly Wheel (

Step 2: SEO

If we haven’t stated this enough on our site: search engines like Google and Bing really care about how you maintain your website! You see, the better your site is optimized for load time and user experience, the better these search engines will rank you. Why? Because search engines generate revenue through advertisers. Advertisers only want to display ads in high trafficked and high quality areas. If a search engine lets spammy or poor performing sites rank high, users (at least quality users) will drop off from using that search engine and POOF, there goes their revenue.

So how did we prep Goodlion for this? Again, education and implementation. We informed the Goodlion team that for them to succeed on organic search terms, they would need to have fast loading times, a secured web address (another plus of using Fly Wheel is there free SSL certificate) and many other tactics. After this conversation, a huge focus was put into reformatting all of the images to be suitable for fast load times and restructuring their Title Tags and Meta Descriptions as top priorities. After all recommended SEO work was done, we helped them get their sitemap submitted to Google Search Console so that they would have properly set up landing pages to display for organic searches.

Step 3: Conversion Rate Optimization

This was a pretty quick catch and fix between our two teams. The Goodlion team really excelled at creating an absolutely beautiful site, however they overlooked one very important step of creating a home page or landing page:
There was no information about what they were offering, why they were offering, who they were trying to reach or why you should spend time on their platform.
While this is a grave error, there is no shame in making this common mistake. Many websites leave this out, just due to the simple reason of assuming that everyone knows what their brand or offering will be about because they have spent so much time building it themselves. We helped work through this issue by assisting in creating clean Calls To Action that still met the Goodlion non-negotiable of maintaining the design aesthetic that they worked so hard to build.

Step 4: Analytics + Reporting/Tracking

Yet another important facet to Goodlion’s success was the implementation of analytics and on-site tracking. We helped the Goodlion team understand the value and how-to’s behind these tools so that they could maximize the ROI from working with us, as well as any projects they do in the future. Analytics directly feeds into the decision making for your SEO/CRO practices. If you are trying to maximize the effectiveness of your digital investments, this is a step you simply can’t skip over.

From SEO/CRO to Analytics— we helped Goodlion every step of the way. We can help you too!

Goodlion Podcast Network

Goodlion is a content giant. Content giants need solid performance and reporting to reach their full potentials. The Poppyfield Agency set up for success with SEO, CRO and analytics+reporting.

Release Date:
April 2019

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