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What was our scope of work for this website project?

Makellos Classics is one of the most interesting and fun brands that we have gotten to partner with. They build really fast, really cool and really custom Porsches from the ground up— and with absolute meticulous perfection. No detail slips by their master technicians, but their digital presence and practices did not reflect their meticulous nature. When we took on Makellos Classics as our client, our mission was simple:

  • Re-platform their website to be extremely user and Search Engine friendly
  • Adjust the brand voicing and branding to meet their current demographics taste (while maintaining Makellos’ roots)
  • Completely overhaul both their content and social media practices and workflows
  • Create a way to cleverly showcase their current, past and upcoming work

We took apart Makellos Classics’ digital presence piece by piece, and rebuilt it to be a high-performance workhorse.

Step 1: Confirmed Rebranding

Similar to the Finatic project, the first task at hand for Makellos Classics was their logo, font and color scheme. We decided that for their industry and targeted demographics, a more simple and clean approach would be the most effective form of brand communication. Moving away from a blue and orange color scheme has given Makellos Classics a more dynamic approach to how they can use their branding in more effective and creative marketing campaigns.

Step 2: Web Re-platform

The next portion of work for Makellos Classics was moving away from their dated, clunky and not as intuitive Wordpress template. Like many companies, their in-house team had their hands tied by not having the time or resources to edit the website as often as they would like. They were tied to using a developer and never felt confident in putting appropriate reliance on the website to generate leads and sales. We were able to educate the owner and operators of Makellos Classics about their needs to appropriately compete in their market and landed on using Squarespace as their platform. We picked Squarespace for its ease of use and built in stylesheets that are just so hard to beat— especially if a company is not wanting to allocate resources to part or full time web designers. This put the power of simple web design in the hands of Makellos Classics once and for all.
Shameless plug: The Poppyfield Agency is a proud member of the Squarespace Circle and build many sites on this platform, so that our clients can move on from us if need be and still feel empowered when working with their own in-house resources. Plus, because of our affiliation with Squarespace, any client who partners with us and chooses this platform for their website will receive an initial 20% savings on their first year of hosting costs.

Step 3: Content and Social Strategies

Makellos Classics is competing in a very intense and high profile niche of the automotive industry. They do an incredible job and are gifted at their craft, but we needed to showcase this with more strategy. They had teamed up with one of our select partners @_lowwatermedia_ already but still needed a crucial element of any content investment with good ROI: You should always generate content with the goal of being able to completely use the content as many times as possible, but in unique ways (custom edits and variations) that market your product well, without flooding your audiences’ feeds.

Since partnering with Low Water Media and Makellos Classics, The Poppyfield Agency has been able to get the following stats (in less than 3 weeks and with less than $60.00 in advertising):

  • 132% increase in profile visits
  • 66% increase in website clicks
  • Networking with other brands landed Makellos Classics into new audiences’ views (~339,000 combined audience total from reposting accounts in first week of networking)

Step 4: Best Practices Moving Forward

Building a proper strategy for a digital approach is everything for having success in this day and age. Every move a company, brand or organization makes should be as intentional and best measured as possible. Because they partnered with The Poppyfield Agency for the full scope of our Services, we are able to keep working with them on the day to day in not only implementation, but educating and training their team as well. All of our work is fully transparent, so that you never feel too scared to attempt this scope of work on your own. We believe we are good at what we do, but people can learn anything with enough time and resources— so we’ll never try to stop you from growing. Your success matters more than an invoice to us.

Makellos Classics

Makellos Classics builds and restores premium boutique Porsches. Their digital presence needed to showcase this better. The Poppyfield Agency brought the web and social media presence of Makellos Classics up to the same degree of high quality performance they are offering in their custom Porsche builds.

Makellos Classics
Release Date:
May 2019

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