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What was our scope of work for this website project?

We want to start by saying how much of a pleasure it was to work with NuSmyle Dental. Their dental services are top-notch and we were glad to partner with such an amazingly reviewed dental practice.

Here are some of the SEO strategies and web build methods we implemented for this dentist to rank on page one of Google so quickly:

  • Partnered with a videographer in Salt Lake City to shoot testimonials and service overview videos.
  • The Poppyfield Agency built a new YouTube channel to target customers better.
  • Deleted all duplicated content and refreshed pages with more relevant key words.
  • Implemented mobile-first web design methods (huge factor in organic rankings).
  • We researched their services and how their top competitors marketed themselves to patients, found weak points and then executed our own response. This copywriting element took the brunt of the time for this project.

So what went wrong with their website in the first place? Why weren’t they ranking on Google any more?

Duplicate Content

During our initial web presence audit, we found out about a very serious issue that sadly, many small businesses deal with regularly and without even knowing about it.

What was the main issue with their website not ranking?

Enormous amounts of duplicate content. But worse than this, they were paying an “SEO” company who targets the medical niche a very generous sum of money each month for “SEO maintenance and content creation”, like blogs, etc.. What this company didn’t tell NuSmyle and many of its other clients is that they were charging money to just copy and paste the same blogs they sold everyone in that niche.

Here's why this is a huge SEO no-no:

Google has many advanced algorithms that change every day. These algorithms help keep their search engine clean from spam, false or malicious content and provide an overall better user experience for every Google searcher. A huge part of this algorithm is dedicated towards sniffing out duplicate content and then deducting their rankings in search results, because too many sites try and copy content for views just to make money off of the advertisements they run on their website. Not to mention, telling a business that you will generate quality content, only to resell the same words to every company you’re retained by, is certainly a moral negative.

So what is the best strategy used to get onto page 1 of google for local SEO?

1. We implemented the use of video.

Video is definitely one of the most powerful ways to market your business or product and the results can be phenomenal. Though the initial investment in video can seem steep, The Poppyfield Agency specializes in helping companies get the quality content they need at a rate and schedule that doesn’t break their budget. Plus, we throw your new content into our Content Multiplier Strategy for the most gain possible.

Our content multiplier strategy is a simple, yet effective way of marketing your services or offering— and duplicating its power across channels and mediums.

Wait, isn’t duplicate content bad? Yes, but we don’t duplicate the content- we reuse and repurpose, like recycling! We use video as a way for our clients to speak naturally about their services, and then we edit these in a very niche-specific and high engaging format. From there, we use proprietary methods and strategies to take your content and make sure we squeeze all of the marketing juice from it as possible- which gives you huge ROI. This method is what helped get NuSmyle back on the map so quickly.

2. We took a NAP.

Just kidding, but we did utilize the NAP strategy very heavily. NAP is the acronym for “Name, Address, Phone”— crucial elements for ranking well in local SEO. In as many organic instances as possible, we took the opportunity to remind website users that NuSmyle Dental was located in Logan, Utah and served Cache Valley. Combining unique and authentic copywriting with Google’s best practices and recommendations, is always a great recipe for success.

3. Mobile First Design

We made sure that this website was high functioning for mobile users first and desktop second. The result is excellent for both user experiences, but designing our web builds in this way, ensures that we will have SEO success. With more and more web users relying on their phones for research and purchasing, Google has really centered their algorithm on device capability and mobile optimization. If your website isn’t currently ranking well, this could be a huge reason why!

4. NuSmyle Dental was the perfect candidate for this success

How is this a reason why they ranked? Well, they trusted our methods and strategies, were willing to invest into their growth, and now they have the results to show for it. The day after the new site went live, they had an organic user submit a form to be seen for a dental appointment that week. That right there is called “instant ROI” folks.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to take your business to the next level and offer web users the best experience possible, our web design, SEO and Content Creation services are for you. It is a sure fire recipe to boost your organic traffic over time, and makes your website work for your bottom line— rather than just bringing it down.

NuSmyle Dental

NuSmyle Dental needed help getting back onto the first page of Google, and they needed help fast. The Poppyfield Agency successfully discovered what made this website suffer in the first place, and then built a strategy to fix all errors and boost the page higher in organic listings than ever before. They ranked on page 1 of Google within one week!

NuSmyle Dental
Release Date:
May 2019

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