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What was our scope of work for this website project?

Vector Business Solutions is a highly talented QuickBooks based accounting firm based out of San Diego, California. However, their weaknesses in branding, web design and marketability were doing unnecessary damage to a company that is well worth their time in hiring for a full stack of accounting abilities. Through partnering with The Poppyfield Agency, VBS was able to see some great deliverables that will have lasting ROI for time to come:

  • Rebranding took their dated logo and redesigned it into a more modern, crisp and trustable approach.
  • High level keyword focus for SEO on each page ensures highly competitive content for top spots on search engines.
  • A mobile first and highly usable design will ensure a low bounce rate and overall increase in sales/conversions.
  • VBS participated in our CMS training after the website launched. This let them take their web needs into their own hands- freeing up cashflow if needed and empowering their staff to learn more about a different side of their business.

Not just a pretty website— but a high-yielding and beneficial digital experience for all parties involved.

Step 1: Rebranding

This is usually our first step in a full rebuild of a company’s digital persona. A company’s logo and branding philosophy plays heavily into their voice(more on this below) and the way customers/leads will view their service offerings and message during crucial first impressions. The previous VBS logo was dated and formatted incorrectly— the equivalent of showing up to a job interview with a perm and 4 inch acrylics in 2019. We were able to achieve a clean and modern design, typekit methodology and color scheme to make sure they always had a good foundation for future projects— regardless of who they work with in the coming years!

Step 2: Web Re-platform and Redesign

After establishing the new branding guidelines and voice, we were able to redesign and re-platform the website with ease. We focussed on having a “mobile-first” design mindset and made sure that every page was highly user friendly and encouraged ultra-low bounce rate probability for qualified traffic. We chose to support this website on Squarespace because we wanted VBS to have full confidence in their ability to use a simple and elegant CMS, such as Squarespace offers.
Shameless plug: The Poppyfield Agency is a proud Squarespace Partner and find that they have great depth available for full web customization, while maintaining a super user friendly CMS for our clients after we hand the keys over.

Step 3: Content and Voicing

This phase was a huge step forward for Vector Business Solutions and provided great opportunities to write very SEO friendly content while increasing the breadth of their website offerings and experience. We worked on crafting a more personal yet professional voice, added transparency by supplying website visitors with real testimonies from their real and current clients (please note I used the word real twice— please don’t use fake testimonials!), and we also customized their team page to have a more engaging experience. Because VBS is a remote accounting firm, we wanted to give add certain personable touches to communicate trust, authenticity and transparency to their company’s overall pitch.

We also restructured their previous FAQ’s on the old website into engaging blog posts, which were then turned into AMP pages for fast mobile results and higher ranking probability on search engines.

Step 4: Strategy and Training

Helping Vector Business Solutions build a digital strategy ensures that both we and VBS succeeds. The more our clients learn about this digital facet of each industry, the more they understand the value and time it takes to execute something correctly— which saves them resources in the long run. The whole VBS team now knows about image compression, the importance of not duplicating text, the value of usability and clear CTA’s and more! This is what sets The Poppyfield Agency apart from any other digital marketing agency out there. We love empowering our clients and giving them the tools necessary to at the very least, give them the option to hire us again, rather than relying on us as their sole web developer and digital support system.

After all deliverables were submitted, we walked the key stakeholders through a recorded Zoom meeting that went over all of the details on how to manage their website on the front and backend. This was a huge bonus for their team, and one that many developers would never offer. These trainings are included for free in all of our full web build packages.

Graphics, voicing, SEO and web design— we helped Vector Business Solutions every step of the way. We can help you too!

Vector Business Solutions

Vector Business Solutions - QuickBooks Accounting Specialists who needed a digital renovation. The Poppyfield Agency successfully rebranded Vector Business Solutions, rebuilt and re-platformed their website and empowered their staff to take their web needs into their own hands.

Vector Business Solutions
Release Date:
March 2019

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