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What was our scope of work for this website project?

Westward Makers is built on the principle that goods themselves should be built by hands who care, sold to customers who care, so that portions of proceeds can go to the causes that matter the most in the grand scheme of things. It is a rare thing to see a new
e-commerce company launch with such a scandalous notion as this:

“We are rooted in loving others. The most tangible expressions of this love is satisfied through funding our partnered non-profit organizations. These organizations have it in their DNA to make significant impacts on this world. That's why we take the time to partner with the best!” - Westward Makers, How We Give

It is a beautiful thing to see a company dedicate so much of themselves towards supporting others, especially when you’re rooted in such a competitive niche as apparel. We reached out to Westward Makers to be a “guinea pig” for our Full Web Presence Audit service. This service is centered around helping start-ups achieve a strong and competitive digital presence, by giving them a full top-to-bottom web evaluation and then providing them with a tangible list of milestones to hit and the expected ROI from each achievement met. This service is custom quoted for start-ups, because we know that they don’t always have the capital to hire out for services. Plus, owners/operators of start-ups generally prefer to learn things themselves! This is a perfect plan to get real results for your website, as well as learning just enough about everything so you have a more complete understanding of who you should hire when you can— whether it is us, another company or an in-house team of your own!

If you own or operate a start-up (especially in the E-Commerce niche), The Poppyfield Agency is here for you. We helped Westward Makers every step of the way and we can help you too!

Westward Makers

A solid start-up that stands for a great cause is rare. We couldn’t let budget get in the way of their needs. The Poppyfield Agency provided with a reliable course of action that they could perform themselves, at their own pace, while learning a thing or two along the way.

Westward Makers
Release Date:
March 2019

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